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Can ManKind Leave this Area of the Universe?

A Limited Space Force. Our Virus, The One Known as Mankind ( not sure how the word Kind got in the word The ManKind Project or why) cannot leave this Area of the universe. Any minor God would know this. Stopping it from spreading, would prevail. Were are going through a decontaminating process here at this level.

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The truth about sports is?

As a child survivor myself, I am certain that the top of this corporate head of whom have so much positioning pointing their way should be held Responsible and Fined $500,000,000.00 For restitution to those that lost so much in hope and dreams and Trust. Yes! That is 1/2 of a Billion. By saving the children, we save our future. Say no to organized child abuse and all things imagined by Large scale Corporation Sports.They always know at the top but are too weak to realize their wrong in silence. This is a fully actionable transferable disease through action. It is through their silence it is transferred through time to others by contamination. They must be held accountable. For this life-long disease now suffered by these girl’s out & threw their own families. A horrible fate entrenched for life. Help them now? Be for you change your mind.