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CIB :and the evil empire within.

It’s a sure bet that that the Un-payed volunteer ceo of this group,is lacking in wherewithal to address the issues of the CIB,for me the divisive taxpayer,of this city,at this time.This type of corporate farce,of the unknowing CEO,” slight of hand” was used as well in the times leading up to the great depression(demonstrated  by Sherlock Holmes in his intercoursed instructions to doctor Watson.)With diversion.Using unaware Philanthropic souls of times past.This appears to be the largest pot hole in the city,and it’s right down town,swallowing others lives,and livelihoods.I.E.Library=Number 1 in county,2 the deconstruction of our Rapid transit system.3give a handout to a billionaire,that has used and utilized ,all i have to offer him ,and his to survive,as a city and state to build his base from,an fortune,with nothing in return locally,that i can hang my hat on.4Excessive covert drive(compilation from unknown sources encountered.)to dominate and control of the  use and uses of our buildings,letting NBA decide if roof gets open,sorry colts we own that property,and we will decide ,some how about this usage.5 Remove the name on the pacers building, Conseco,and replace to that of IUPUI calling. And make it a more user friendly place for the youngest of students threw,pro-female basketball,and the likes,and pacers if the pay there part.6 Install new parking meters in the needed areas,except for my 4surrounding streets of the circle,and n on meridian n of library.from west,middle Illinois street east to back side of Pennsylvania ave.Opening hundreds of openings.Closing the circle and n meridian to personal traffic of cars.7 Install 4 massive public restroom  facilities,making them beacons of local info of things to do ,see,or return for.To be sponsored by International societies of health responses people, to basic human needs and decency.For the future growth of our international city.Showing world traveler that we are a Higher education based city, Hospital based  trainers to the world of health,and wellbeing.8Turn the Chevy plant,where my family members retired from,into a light rail factory in the standards of our forefathers,and there rush for the car market of the 20’s.9. Decriminalized marijane.10.If i have a hole where children fall to moral dead down its’s opening, should i not cover it up?Close down that restroom at the clay courts,where 124 families have lost a love one there.What kind of sticking thinking would allow this to be?And shame on IMPD and this, lowest of level police work of such miss use of my freedom to self expression of  A natural cause. At the end of time shall we have restrooms and parties with our world , classes of friends,or get towed ,cause i did-not have change for the meter? 



Political party-Me-Thank you for allowing me to tell you who I am. My story starts out a little unusual. I have perfect recall. Which is kinda like the perfect pitch is in music. I remember everything. Allowing me to never have to remember anything as it happens. Here goes You are the first to hear my story. I was born 8/1/53 @ 7:26 AM. My mother was a 19-year-old named Mary. I was her 7Th child. She turned 20 the next day. I am an Identical twin. 3 minutes after My brother Who disappeared be for I was born 3 minutes later. I was very healthy; he was a very sick baby (TTTS) needing a blood transfusion and incubator for 3 months. So we meet down the road a piece. What happened to me was also sad. I was circumcised against my knowing approval. Fast forward By the time I would finish 8th grade at 15 years old-10 years of schooling/2nd grade done 2 times, I would go to 21-grade schools some more than once. Live in the guardians' home 5 /6 times; adding up to over 2 years. I would live in over 100 houses. Meeting 10,000 other kids. My friend, I am not a Republican. But an Ex-Democrat. One that is for the most in number. I believe our rights start at birth -completely. That government is a privilege and not a right. We are the citizenry, and permanent. The government is temporary. Not our right of citizenship and our greater freedom as a human. Can you help us all?