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Indpls A city in treason to self.

After 50 years of family work ,as contractors here in the city of my birth ,going from a peek years or work (881,000.00)2007- to less that 30,000 in 2010. today..cost 30,000.00 in local sales taxes,at the cost to the city.I lost my family home ,last month after 14 years 10 months,I have received no ,unemployment,or did my son or men.I let you close the children orphanage,the guardians home,and chase the homeless from THERE DOWN TOWN areas.You restrict like einsteinium the workings of the affairs of the  more social groups ie Library bus,light rail,threw The control of citizenry wealth .And now you tell me,you gave $10,000,000.00 Of my taxpayer dollars,At the very same time just today i was offered advise on who to get food stamps for my family,and you say ,have !0 MILLION.given it to the wealthiest man in the city Mr.Simon!A Billionaire. A jew.You want to talk about persecution,and rights?Why one would spend so much ,to get nothing, is what i want to Know?AS the candidate for mayor ,in this great international city,i promise a full sweeping out of the closets of all that has been sent to deceive. The only citizen of this county,are the public people.Those who very lives are for ever intertwined into society’s.And Know survival is a group affair and thing,not individual in nature.Be it threw health ,education , science or the Arts.An cooperations.The controls threw wastes of our heritage, is being gutted,and lost to your children’s children and there future rate of demise.My pledge to you.That will be the most expensive 10m,he will make.Threw solidarity to, all that are on the outer bounds of financial parallel, I ask for public out rage,an public actions, in protest of this selfish man,an his selfish representation of his Jewish culture of better than you beliefs.Or just go back to sleep..sleep…sleep…what man with what Sword?I said nothing , nothing, no thing at all.



Political party-Me-Thank you for allowing me to tell you who I am. My story starts out a little unusual. I have perfect recall. Which is kinda like the perfect pitch is in music. I remember everything. Allowing me to never have to remember anything as it happens. Here goes You are the first to hear my story. I was born 8/1/53 @ 7:26 AM. My mother was a 19-year-old named Mary. I was her 7Th child. She turned 20 the next day. I am an Identical twin. 3 minutes after My brother Who disappeared be for I was born 3 minutes later. I was very healthy; he was a very sick baby (TTTS) needing a blood transfusion and incubator for 3 months. So we meet down the road a piece. What happened to me was also sad. I was circumcised against my knowing approval. Fast forward By the time I would finish 8th grade at 15 years old-10 years of schooling/2nd grade done 2 times, I would go to 21-grade schools some more than once. Live in the guardians' home 5 /6 times; adding up to over 2 years. I would live in over 100 houses. Meeting 10,000 other kids. My friend, I am not a Republican. But an Ex-Democrat. One that is for the most in number. I believe our rights start at birth -completely. That government is a privilege and not a right. We are the citizenry, and permanent. The government is temporary. Not our right of citizenship and our greater freedom as a human. Can you help us all?