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“Gender Edit” Facebook Campaign Gets Retracted, Public Apology Issued

Late last week, I reported about Gender Edit, a campaign to create the largest “gender change” in history by using Facebook. After the campaign received a lot of criticism, it was shut down by its organizers and a public apology was issued.

Many readers had concerns against how the campaign used the word “sex” and “trivialized” the concept of being transgender. Another major concern was that the campaign was scheduled for the Transgender Day of Remembrance, a day to memorialize those who have been killed as a result of transphobia.

The campaign organizers told Equaldex that their ”intentions in creating this were entirely pure” and that they were working to revise the campaign. The campaign video was soon after taken down.

A few days later, the campaign was completely retracted and a video apology was published.

“I really do hope this helps. The stir this project has caused was never our intention. We screwed up, and we’re sorry.

Regardless of gay, straight, cis, or trans, we are all human, and mistakes are part of the human experience. Please reach out to me, I want to hear from you.”

Please share your thoughts about Michael’s apology video.

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