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Why are the only miracles that are passed down the line only about physical bodily repair only instead of larger ones on a global scale -…

Answer by Gregory Scott:

Here are a few elements of my “theory” of miracles:
1. God operates under a “cloak” that veils his actions from non-believers. This means that faith is still required to believe in him. If his miracles were clearly apparent to everyone, faith would not really be needed, because our senses would clearly tell us that there is something out there clearly beyond natural law as we know it.

2. God opposes the proud, and this includes the intellectually proud. He won’t reveal himself as the prime cause in the lab, because he want us to believe his testimony in scripture, and his primary miracle of redemption, performed on the resurrection of Jesus.

3. Familiarize yourself with the notion of “providence”. This is, in my words, the notion that chance is simplified perception of a more complex reality. Physical science, particularly what we see in the lab, happens within a smaller framework we call probability, but also within a larger one, including God’s intentions, which we call providence. In fact, there is no such thing as chance. God controls everything, at some level.

4. There are big miracles, which God uses to validate his chosen prophets, and his word. There are little miracles, like if you pray for a parking space, and find one. The notion that prayer can affect physical reality at all is an example of the notion of providence. It used to be so pervasive in theology that the word Providence was often used as a name/title for God, Himself.

A scripture study on terms such as knowledge and veil should give you plenty of examples of the kinds of “concealed” knowledge which yet is clearly revealed to the simple, childlike, and humble among us. (Gnosticism, or need for a secret complex intellectual knowledge was one of the first heresies dealt with in the early church.) Providence ties in with this concept in a very integral way. It deals not just with God’s actions, but how his actions and intentions are “cloaked” from the very people who often are the ones who claim to have special insight necessary to understand and achieve salvation. Salvation is not something we figure out, deduce, or arrive at like a mathematical proof, like the Pythagoreans believed, it’s something that Jesus did, and we may accept if we choose.

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