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In this day and age is there an excuse for an adult to stay in the closet?

Answer by Erica Friedman:

Even aside from religious communities, there are states in the US in which it is perfectly legal for a company to fire an employee for “being” gay.

A LGBTQ adult in one of these states might stay closeted to protect their job, their family, their own person from the consequences of them being found out.

I know it seems like we’re past this all… but we are nowhere near that. In 1993 a coworker was *stunned* that my wife had no right to get married. She honestly thought we were past that and gay people already had the right. She had no idea what DOMA did to families when it was passed. She stared at me in 1997 or so when it came up in absolute disbelief. She could not imagine anything like it and actually accused me of making it up.

The biggest hurdle that sexual and gender minorities (and, realistically all minorities of all kinds) face is the gentle dismissal of the majority who is “Over It” although the actual struggle is long from over.

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