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The Four Knowable Truths

1. The Big Bang Was no accident.  2.The discovery of the “conciousness” of Mankind  happened outside the Mind of Animals. Threw the discovery of Fire. Resulting into the first Fireman 120,000 to The first Zoroastrian 8200, Capable of Realizing it all as; Ahura Mazda. “The definition of God is, And everything else.”      3. The discovery of the female and all she entails as a Small version of a biological Black Hole. Discovered to be capable of regeneration without a Male through immaculate conception. Causing man to seek out and kill all the little 2-year-old boys after Mary Had a Little Boy. Would have been a concern if Jesus was a Girl? After this incident the men thinking the boy carried the genie for self insemination. . The future will be Female design. 4. Mankind discovers a way to live outside of Time Science Religion or Belief.  Living outside of Matter Energy Space or Time. Solves everything for everyone in all ways. There are no UFO’s from others Planets or other times except for the other planets or times we have been to. How is it to be done will be demonstrated 9-15-2117 crossroads of the world.    It Is “I.”



Political party-Me-Thank you for allowing me to tell you who I am. My story starts out a little unusual. I have perfect recall. Which is kinda like the perfect pitch is in music. I remember everything. Allowing me to never have to remember anything as it happens. Here goes You are the first to hear my story. I was born 8/1/53 @ 7:26 AM. My mother was a 19-year-old named Mary. I was her 7Th child. She turned 20 the next day. I am an Identical twin. 3 minutes after My brother Who disappeared be for I was born 3 minutes later. I was very healthy; he was a very sick baby (TTTS) needing a blood transfusion and incubator for 3 months. So we meet down the road a piece. What happened to me was also sad. I was circumcised against my knowing approval. Fast forward By the time I would finish 8th grade at 15 years old-10 years of schooling/2nd grade done 2 times, I would go to 21-grade schools some more than once. Live in the guardians' home 5 /6 times; adding up to over 2 years. I would live in over 100 houses. Meeting 10,000 other kids. My friend, I am not a Republican. But an Ex-Democrat. One that is for the most in number. I believe our rights start at birth -completely. That government is a privilege and not a right. We are the citizenry, and permanent. The government is temporary. Not our right of citizenship and our greater freedom as a human. Can you help us all?