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Out of Man Becomes Emotion.

Out of the Noise; became Music. Out of the Wind; became sounds. out of the Sun became Gold. Out of Fire Everything Else.  Lord Enki

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What was Van Goth motivated by?

Van Goth was a man that never gave up until he had to. Nothing was every complete or finished. Just waiting for his return. In his mind, he would give details to the details of the detail. What would he believe from the details of today’s life?

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Can ManKind Leave this Area of the Universe?

A Limited Space Force. Our Virus, The One Known as Mankind ( not sure how the word Kind got in the word The ManKind Project or why) cannot leave this Area of the universe. Any minor God would know this. Stopping it from spreading, would prevail. Were are going through a decontaminating process here at this level.

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#woman’s-lib- Its failure to deliver to most men.

When the farmer opens up the door to the hen house It will be the fox that takes notice first.   Who is the fox?          Woman’s lib was supposed to be about separation establish new directions of behavior among ourselves With a wanderlust re-uniting in Mattarmomey Bliss year after year.  Day by day as most doing anyway. Woman have failed the test of time with stats going in the wrong directions. 50% of working females have admitted to having some kind of work-related affairs. That is “borderline group insanity” without a known cause. Except for the group its self. Some men whos loyalty has been to his wife is indeed wasted at least 50% of the time. If you suddenly think that your wife may be cheating; Well, you are way too late. She has been chatting for a while. “Some people need to get wet before they know it is raining.” The way these numbers break down into the races is high-level intelligence indeed. don harriscropped-image25252520252525284525252529.jpg