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Out of Man Becomes Emotion.

b2ec4-unnamedOut of the Noise; became Music. Out of the Wind; became sounds. out of the Sun became Gold. Out of Fire Everything Else.  Lord Enki

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To Be Or Not to Be; Oh, Shut the Hell Up.

I once watched in dismay as an angel on a Horse tried to bully another angle on a horse only to be interrupted by the third angel on a third horse; asked for a meeting with the 4TH angle on a Horse. When the 4TH angel appeared all Hell broke loose as all trapped being were being released everywhere. A mass exodus ensued. No more Volcano Traps can be used. It is I.

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What does a Wife a Catholic Priest and a Black-Man in common: RAPE

DO NOT READ THIS!  Two Years ago I went to the VA for help. This lead to a Confession about being Raped on The south side of Indianapolis by two Catholic Priests in the early 60’s @ Sacred Heart Catholic Church. I would later be married by a Catholic Priest That had Raped me several times as a Preteen and teen… I was only 8 @ Sacred Heart…  When I was 15. I was kidnapped violently and HARD Raped by an active duty Marine, special forces re-assigned to Fort Harrison after being charged + released on bond with Rape in another town. A Black-Man while I was hitchhiking down East Washington street Indpls. in 1969 gave me a ride, then kidnapped me., I had to do all the work to please him or be killed. So I did. I have lived With Horrible conditions that have haunted my entire life since. Two years ago my wife got a new job. I am a 64 in bad shape. Last year her office of all white woman hired a Black-Man. A very polished well-educated Man about the same size as the Other Black man. I have only met him once. At this meeting he said. I asked your wife if you would mind a Black-man riding with her at work (in the new company van I guessed and not alone in the van). She said no I was good. I felt totally miss lead by him. Because they had already ridden together to subway a mile away by then. Fast forward to 3 weeks ago. All the world is learning about sexual assaults on the TV/Internet. My wife says to our daughter THREE TIMES one evening why she was here visiting. Once You TRY Black you never go Back. I was so stunned I went into shock. Then she said it 2 more times. Me a BLACK-MAN RAPE survivor, her husband of 37 years to hear her tell MY daughter That. For some Unknown reason, she also Commented That Phillip was such a nice man several different time over this drive. The new man at work. Well, I caved, I have caved in My entire Lifetime. All the sudden I start to think about this strange conversation this Man had with me about him my wife riding together at work. So I asked my wife to clarify it. She admitted to Riding along with him in his car on 2 occasions. In His private car with him in full control of her whereabouts. But became flustered upset was concerned. She said I did know her or Phillip who was such a nice man. I was miss lead by him to what avail? I KNOW BLACK MEN very well. First, she Tells our daughter that a Black man is OK for Sex. But you will never go back. That is so sexist and degrading to me. How could she????? Because the Catholic Church refused to be responsible for MY and a Brothers Rape I have been in hell. Now, this, yet with my wife says I am her best friend. I have decided to Simple tell her That as her husband I do not approve of you riding alone in another man’s car. PERIOD. I am devastated and fell really really bad. Pray for me. don

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Immigration; A Just Cause.

The greatest people of the world have come from our Lands. First by coming to them. The Broken the lost moralist heart broke people we Know as Older family members. That for some, there own family rivieved less than 100  years ago. What does an immigrant bring to the park? The best of their own futures.  The new President or V.P. need go back a short step to find their own family names in a big book some where. immigrants.. They have always been the best of us. Now let us lead by a simple filtering to Better understand ourselves and acheive the results of Best of what is left. For it is thrown every other soul you owe.                                   “The Immigrant has a Reason for The future.”