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The truth about sports is?

As a child survivor myself, I am certain that the top of this corporate head of whom have so much positioning pointing their way should be held Responsible and Fined $500,000,000.00 For restitution to those that lost so much in hope and dreams and Trust. Yes! That is 1/2 of a Billion. By saving the children, we save our future. Say no to organized child abuse and all things imagined by Large scale Corporation Sports.They always know at the top but are too weak to realize their wrong in silence. This is a fully actionable transferable disease through action. It is through their silence it is transferred through time to others by contamination. They must be held accountable. For this life-long disease now suffered by these girl’s out & threw their own families. A horrible fate entrenched for life. Help them now? Be for you change your mind.

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The greatest hero of our life is ourselves. #Zoroaster

Pope Francis met with the archbishop of Quebec on Monday to deliver condolences for the shooting at a Quebec City mosque that killed six on Monday. The Pope was one of several world leaders to speak out in the aftermath of the attack, joining German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande and a number…

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On the Eve of DeConstruction

” I ” Have the  Right (The reality of self) to Everything Everywhere as You do. My Right to Exist is First Prime Awareness. My Right to Survive In agreed upon acceptable Ways by ALL for The All Everywhere. One either Has a Basic Right To life Or Not. Which ever It must be the same. If I run over someone in a car. Then it is the car that gets redesigned Not I. No man owns the Rights to anything. WE all own the All. If a dam of Water (wealth) has stopped all But the limited use of the land for the All the all just take that care for itself In hand. One brick at a time or Overwhelm and destruction will cause the death of all below. If there is No basic fundamental worldwide agreement Then Beavers can Go upstream and the hell with it below. Public Right 1. All people Have a Basic right to everything with survival and Education  Basic 2 & 3. DonnieHarold Hharris

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Donnie harold harris

Political party-Me-Thank you for allowing me to tell you whom i am.My story starts out a little unusual.I have perfect recall. Which is kinda like perfect pitch is in music.I remember everything.Allowing me to never have to remember anything as it happens. Hear goes You are the first to hear my story.I was born 8/1/53 @ 7:26 AM.My mother was a 19 year old named Mary.I was her 7Th child.She turned 20 the next day.I am an Identical twin .3 minutes after My brother Who disappeared be for i was born 3 minutes later.I was very healthy ;he was a very sick baby needing a blood transfusion and incubator for 3 months .So we meet down the road a piece.What happened to me was also bad.I was circumcised against my knowing approval.Fast forward By the time i would finish 8th grade at 15 years old-10 years of schooling/2nd grade done 2 times, i would go to 21 grade schools some more than once.Live in the guardians home 5 /6 times;adding up to over 2 years .I would lived in over 100 houses.Meeting 10,000 other kids. My  friend i am no republican.But a Democrat.One that is for the most in number.I believe our right start at birth -completely.That government is a privilege and not a right.We are the citizenry.Government is temporary.Not our right of citizenship and our greater right as a human .Can you help us all?