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The day I meet the Devil.

The day I meet the Devil.”
You do know he is a small guy in many ways? The #devil that is. Short to my size.  First time I Meet this God of varying Degrees, I noticed right away he Had two Horns. Red leathery looking things. They Did not appear to be good for anything. Anyways I too have a horn and showed him mine. He realized who I am.  Only then could we speak as bother to brother. It Is “I”cropped-9014e-image25252525252025252525252845252525252529


AS a #MeToo survivor where as a very young local teen I was molested by and assortment of Local and National Politicians of many levels in the mid 60-70’s. I had sex on several occasion in the Federal building ( old post office) on the second floor Behind the men’s room door.

via Are you going to make it? — Public Party of Indiana

Are you going to make it? — Public Party of Indiana

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The day I meet a Marine.

I went down to the new Hilton hotel on the circle where I had gotten my first job @ 15 to collect my first paycheck in RTV6 (WRTV – Indianapolis) I did the normal thing at the time I hicked east on Washinton street toward home. I got a ride from a Young African-American American. He said he needed to do a quick stop by his motel to get some pot. It was 1969. I had only smoked a couple times by then, but I had done LSD 25 two times. He stopped when into his room an I waited in his car. Turned out to be a rental. I went through his glove box and found a copy of a car rental agreement. I put it in my pocket. Then he stepped out of the door of his room where the car was parked in front of the door and motioned for me to Come there. Thought He had decided to stay and I needed to continue on my way. We were less than 1/3 of a block from Washington street behind the white castle. He grabbed me by the throat with one hand picking me up and pulling me into his room where he did everything you would think he could do. I called the sheriff right away afterward. I gave them the pot he gave me and the rental agreement and my story. I was interviewed several times. 2 day after I was Almost murdered Again he was in my face at my bus stop in fountain square. He said my twin and other brothers and sister were to all be killed and my mom and dad unless I dropped the charges. I was 15 and raped, and they never notified my mom or dad. I called the Detective, and we meet. He told me by law the charged person was allowed to know who was charging them with a crime. Now my whole family was being threatened, and only I knew about it. I dripped the charges and Ran away to Hollywood, Ca. The detective told me that the perp was a special forces marine corp Sargent that was teaching marshall arts to soldier at Fort Harrison. I believed he would kill us all so I dropped the charges. The detective also told me that he was out on a bond or something like it while he waited for his trial for The same thing in another state. Sound likes the Catholic Online Church. Moving perps about. Only 5 or 6 years ago did I ever tell anyone besides my twin. He decided to go to Ca. with me out of Fear of being mistaken for me. Thus I had Five weeks In Classic Hollywood | Los Angeles Times before would have the courage to come back home. I have not been believed by the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System. One must realize that the reason you were raped under has a very high cause over you for the rest of your life. I was on the way home with the first paycheck of my Life. I was So proud and powerful, only to be Treated by another Raced man into submission. I feel and know that I only survived because of Who I was. He was going to kill me for sure. I can not tell how I know this at this time. This is documented in the police files I hope.

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Sacred Heart of Jesus Catholic Church, Union Street, Indianapolis, IN.46225

Private: Behind the men’s room door.
SEPTEMBER 9, 2016 Updated July 31, 2017


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Shove it up your What FATHER? When I became born into this place called Hell-Eden, I came willingly upon a great mission, sent By the Highest of High Holiest of all Gods. The God of GOD(s). Brahman sent forth 3 of his sons to settle this class as it graduates into the Mainstream of Full existence and awareness. I arrived 8-1-53 7.29 AM Into the lowest class of mankind, The white race, @ the crossroads of America crossroads of the world. Before Leaving the Hospital as the 7TH child of a Teenage girl named Mary and The son of a Carpenter named Virgil. I was born an Identical twin with TTT-S. I would not see him again until almost 1 year later. I would be Viciously Sexual Attacked with my Dick cut on. A circumcision is an unneeded act of Hate by those that have spread it threw out the world. My first Cable to God Is about those That Hate the Most, The JEW. I was born fully aware, with full recall of my past 8 lives Here. By the Time I was 8 months old I would Have my second attack by a male cousin, Buddy Huddlestone, Dad side. By 4, I would Be kidnapped and Forced Once again to suck Dick. This time I received The Load. Police were called. I thought they came after me when they showed up at the front door, as was warned by the rapist. We were so poor we moved over 100 times before I was 12. I went to 21 Grade schools, meet 1000 kids and 100 plus teachers. Then We moved once again to the near south-side when I was 9 or so to the corner of Arizona and St.Charles(1401) street. ( document located showing this is the address on my dad’s marriage certificate to Larry Blankenship in 1963 before I was 10 and 1,. Up from the Sacred Heart Catholic Church. Where WE were tricked by 2 priests to go into the basement of the church where I was sexually assaulted by the priest all dress in their fanciest outfits. Why did God have this done to me? Growing up in poverty is not noticed by most. Before I was 12 over 1/2 of My life was spent with cardboard in my shoes to keep the rocks out of the holes there in them. Free milk and cheese. Yes, Please. This time when we move into the Area of Sacred Heart Catholic Church In Indianapolis, Indiana would be a Whole changer. I had been on a Quest to Find The Peace of Shit “God” that was responsible for this section of The larger game. I have found only Minor players. Jesus, Socrates, Buddha, Shiva, Mohammad, and lots of sick scientists. So Far the Peace of Shit is undetectable. I shall have to force his Hand to Prod him out. Like the mind, prob’s the body when there is a pain to find the cause, god is tracking this s.o.b. Upon moving into the house on the southeast corner, I would play kick the can with another down the street to the north side of the Sacred Heart Church Parking lot. Then I had a Religious awaking. Moving up and out of the church came about 2 Priest in full glorious ornamental dress. It was early and we were kicking the can in the church parking lot outside. I was sure This was what God had me to Wait for. 2 kings of God himself. The 2 of us went willingly into the church after they ask if we would like to go Bowling in the basement of the church. We followed like beaten down children would be living and growing up in such caused condition. I was told to remove my shoes to bowl in my socks. When I went to remove my holy shoes, the priest spotted the large holes in my socks. He then talked and he said that he was also a Medical Doctor and wondered if I had ever been examined by a doctor. Next thing I knew all my clothes were off. I was Touched all over. There was Probing into my asshole with his fingers. I do not know if it was his dick in there or not. I was now afraid for my life. After which I was Given new underwear socks and possibly a tee shirt as full payment. God Had decided That my role Now was one of Sexuality in this World. The basic cause of all Hate. This single experience would allow me to Meet Movie Stars, Academy award winners, Politician and Judges and Police. I would live @ 15, in 1969, one block away from Ricky Nelson. I partied in The Home of the CEO of The girl scouts of America ( still have the picture of me at the pool, That was next store to The President of The United States Ronald Reagan In Bell Aire Ca. Elvis lived up the street. Elvis lived there as did Micheal Jackson.Twenty-Five or so priest. Most local in Indy. Maybe you were Raped in Indy as Well. I would like that we set up a group to publish their Names. I will start with the only one I still Know of. The pope estimates the number of people still living that were Raped by the church staff over 1,000,000 and counting. Father Morley and His ——- from St.jude. I was with a school board member when I was 13 who later watched as I was forced to suck a dick in front of him.later becoming Nixon’s Golden boy. More about that in my book. of



Indpls, 1 Attorney General and Lots of Cock sucking local @ state politicians millionaire and business owners. Over 4,000 or so. Why am I doing this now. Politic and The Level of Hate directed at the Lowest states of man. The Poor the Black the Indian and The new people. This is what I have done. Because of the New Pope and his decree that he wanted the victims of Child Rape to come forward and be made whole again. I decided to contact the local church and make them aware of what i was involved in. I was very trouble That they attacked me The Victim. I have letters. After a few months asking God for Guides, I recontacted them. I was 60ish years old not Catholic and Had never been in a church in my life at that time that I know of except as a small child and a trip to a local black church. They actually said that if I after 55 years of peaceful coexistence ( I was married Catholic and my kids went to Catholic school. St. Jude) could not recall the name of the said priest, I could go Fuck MYSELF. I decided That was not going to work this time. The Pope said make it known. In the 60/70 There was double-digit priest having sex with children. These children now grown Need to come forward If the future is to be better for those yet to come. I recontacted the Lady at the Local church headquarters when I was told that this is not a Indiana Run Catholic Church. I contacted St. Louis Brother who advised me If I proceeded It would require a Full investigation ON ME. Yes can you believe that. On me. I said after meditating I would co-operate 100%. He said they would do the same. I agreed to the 8 session in Greenwood with their Social worker. I gave her 100%. I allowed her Complete access to my Prized Confidential Files down at the local VA. I meet With the Investigate in a public location in Greenwood. She was From Bloomington IN. Trace Investigations. I had my ID ready. I asked for Her’s. She said it was in the car. I made a verbal agreement with her to 100% co-operate for a copy of her Report about me. She agreed on tape to do so. She later Lied and Said her boss would need to do it. I have yet to get a copy. She also mentioned the word Lawyers. The first time in months of talks and she said there Lawyers in Chicago would need to receive it. I asked, Then I guess I should have gotten a Lawyer? Therefore I do not expect a true look at my shit. Next Tuesday, The local People at the church will look over this Great Hidden Part of Local Church Life and if me and the Other Child That was Raped That morning 55 years ago in The Basement of The Sacred Heart Catholic Church shall receive restitution. How about you, Get Raped By GOD? Part 2 What does Rape do to you and All those you know or will we ever Know. How is your husband cheated, children altered etc. Restitution By God, is the only clear way out of this nightmare. Go tell. Now.

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donnie harold harris

What is the strength that is within this structure?

Hello, I am Donnie Harold Harris. Born on this planet 65 years ago. My name “Donnie Harold Harris” was given to me by my mother to Match my Identical Twin: Lonnie Darrel Harris: as a system. Donnie Harold Harris has 3-word groupings of 6 6 6=18 or 9 if you like. My Twin Lonnie Darrel Harris was born First by 3 minutes. Then I Donnie Harold Harris can next. @ 7:29 Again that is 18 or 9 if you like. We were born without anyone knowing we were to be twins. My mom developed T to T to T syndrome. Therefore I Donnie Harold Harris was Totally unexpected. My mom began to panic when she was being unheard by the staff after Lonnie Darrel Harris came out because he was very tiny and would need many months of incubation and help. She shouted over and over again. I think There is something else wrong! Finally, I popped out. Not seeing Lonnie Darrel Harris again for months. “Donnie Harold Harris”.