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Who am I

Am I You and everything else? Do I belong? Must I stay? Am I male am I female black and white? Am I Right About what is Left Behind? Privileged and Yet Who Am I? Can I see the seam between the color of Time? Know Thine Self. Z

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The truth about sports is?

As a child survivor myself, I am certain that the top of this corporate head of whom have so much positioning pointing their way should be held Responsible and Fined $500,000,000.00 For restitution to those that lost so much in hope and dreams and Trust. Yes! That is 1/2 of a Billion. By saving the children, we save our future. Say no to organized child abuse and all things imagined by Large scale Corporation Sports.They always know at the top but are too weak to realize their wrong in silence. This is a fully actionable transferable disease through action. It is through their silence it is transferred through time to others by contamination. They must be held accountable. For this life-long disease now suffered by these girl’s out & threw their own families. A horrible fate entrenched for life. Help them now? Be for you change your mind.

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The greatest hero of our life is ourselves. #Zoroaster

Pope Francis met with the archbishop of Quebec on Monday to deliver condolences for the shooting at a Quebec City mosque that killed six on Monday. The Pope was one of several world leaders to speak out in the aftermath of the attack, joining German Chancellor Angela Merkel, French President Francois Hollande and a number…

via Pope Francis hugs archbishop of Quebec, calls for ‘mutual respect’ after Quebec City mosque shooting — National Post – Top Stories

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Immigration; A Just Cause.

The greatest people of the world have come from our Lands. First by coming to them. The Broken the lost moralist heart broke people we Know as Older family members. That for some, there own family rivieved less than 100  years ago. What does an immigrant bring to the park? The best of their own futures.  The new President or V.P. need go back a short step to find their own family names in a big book some where. immigrants.. They have always been the best of us. Now let us lead by a simple filtering to Better understand ourselves and acheive the results of Best of what is left. For it is thrown every other soul you owe.                                   “The Immigrant has a Reason for The future.”

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The Four Knowable Truths

1. The Big Bang Was no accident.  2.The discovery of the “conciousness” of Mankind  happened outside the Mind of Animals. Threw the discovery of Fire. Resulting into the first Fireman 120,000 to The first Zoroastrian 8200, Capable of Realizing it all as; Ahura Mazda. “The definition of God is, And everything else.”      3. The discovery of the female and all she entails as a Small version of a biological Black Hole. Discovered to be capable of regeneration without a Male through immaculate conception. Causing man to seek out and kill all the little 2-year-old boys after Mary Had a Little Boy. Would have been a concern if Jesus was a Girl? After this incident the men thinking the boy carried the genie for self insemination. . The future will be Female design. 4. Mankind discovers a way to live outside of Time Science Religion or Belief.  Living outside of Matter Energy Space or Time. Solves everything for everyone in all ways. There are no UFO’s from others Planets or other times except for the other planets or times we have been to. How is it to be done will be demonstrated 9-15-2117 crossroads of the world.    It Is “I.”