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A Neolithic earthwork in Newbold-on-Stour, in Warwickshire County has surprised historians with the site being initially assigned to the construction of a modern residential neighborhood. Fortunately, timely archaeological assessment has revealed the remnants of a 4,000-year old henge monument in the area. Aided by a preliminary geophysical survey, researchers at the Archaeology Warwickshire began their…

via 4,000-year old henge monument with human burials discovered in Britain — Realm of History

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Why We Lie

Life in the Boomer Lane

Life in the Boomer Lane is absolutely sure that National Geographic was not influenced in any way whatsoever by national events when they showcased their cover article in this month’s edition.  “Why We Lie,” according to NatGeo, explores the “science behind our complicated relationship with the truth.”

Lying, it turns out, is like eating whatever it is you eat that you know is really bad for you but no one is watching. Or you had a really bad day.  Or you had a really good day. Or you are really bored. Or you were walking along the supermarket aisles and it sort of leaped out at you. In other words, it was there, and, at that same moment, the scale wasn’t.

Ah, some of you astute readers may be asking, “But what about will power?  What about ethics? Are we no better than whatever base instincts we may…

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X-Rated Or Pre-Child Porn?

This was a 1/2 page ad in The Indianapolis Star this past Sunday. I thought what The heck, this is a way to show people how asleep They really are? Her Goes- Pussy- Put first you must stop & look at the ad very well and Decide something about it. Anythin will do. I have known that you will use your best logical understanding to go so. Ok, Hear a little bit about the left brain right brain stuff? Maybe you notice that there are Woman There are Men? There also is Day night Up/ down and All this opposite stuff. What is opposite of Thinking? Being. That is done throw E.Q. Not I Q. Emotional intelligence is where life’s horsepower is. Back to the add. What did you decide?  Well here is the emotional side to the dam thing.   ZEROREW- What is a zero- a Hole. Ez sounds Teasy. The Little girl laid out and in defense  Dress pulled up in the back to possible undies. What color? Fingers are in These boots are made for walking possition. Easly touching same —– Other hand is up where see has a defensive possition of the right hip.Hand covers upper chest as if I know where this is going? NO face of adult shown possilbe cover.  Wording. A smarter way to a cleaner carpet. The code name for Bush. A smart way to give her a clean bush is?  # circles/ hole. 1. with lubricant 2 daddy can love you at Inside Home. Gotta love it Guaranteed. This is a sexually exploited add to do whatever? You say you wonder why so many are Raped? Wake Up! It Is “I”. The Decider. Image (5)