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New publication in Science Advances: Evidence for Skull Cult at Göbekli Tepe

The Tepe Telegrams

Although burials are still not known at Göbekli Tepe, in recent years a total of 700 human bone fragments have been recovered from the fill of prehistoric buildings and adjacent areas. Anthropological analysis of this material by J. Gresky and J. Haelm from the Natural Science Department of the German Archaeological Institute is now beginning to reveal intimate details about the Early Neolithic populations at the site. Especially the fragments of three human skulls are shedding light on the treatment of the dead, which is suggestive of a previously unknown form of skull cult.

Fig 3 Macroscopic details of artificial skull modifications. A, C, D: carvings, B: drilled perforation. (Image: Gresky, DAI)

Deep grooves – made using flint tools – were carved into the surface of the skulls. In the best preserved cranium these carvings were accompanied by a carefully placed perforation (drilled hole). Modifications were essential for the purpose of decorating…

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I saw Jesus Yesterday @ Weir Cook Airport Terminal.

 He was in Town for a Brief show up for the beginning of a larger event for later this year. Some may be in the loop to known what is about to happen. Indy happens to be ground A.  Anyway back to My Jesus encounter.  He was doing undercover work on The creation of demons or some thing like so. Just happened he had a target group of Catholics and Higher Ups group of God like Cardinals that were in full blown Demonstration of The creation of a Demon as he spoke. Quite the experience. This mystery has now been solved and simplified. The projection is self caused. There is no Such thing as told.    It is always such a show to see the boys in Red. It Is “I”.