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The Third definition of The Public Party of Indiana.

Seven changes for the Next leave of Brooder Life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  1.Legalize Cannibals across the World.                                                                                              2. Legalize all forms of Sex work after a certain age.                                                                      3. Remove all Tax breaks for Churches across the boards.                                                            4. Tax the rich not the Poor.                                                                                                                  5.Convert prison system to Senior housing.                                                                                      6. Down grade science until religious beliefs are removed                                                               from there influence.                                                                                                                        7. Add to this list. I.E. legalize all forms of gambling.                                                                        Universal health plan for all citizenry. Re Do the Justice                                                               system so it is a Justice system. Universal education at all                                                           levels with pay.                                                                                                                                                                                              Public Party of Indiana                                                                                                                          Donnie Harold Harris                                                                                                                            Image%25252520%2525252845%25252529.jpg(6+6+6=18=9)                                                                                                                                            (08+01+1953=27=9)birth date             Underwear Model for 2 Catholic Priest in 1963 Indy.

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My 9 lives. & other stops in-between.

Just before I was born I had a visitor That Told me it was time to come to you. I was again meet at the Gate to Here and the now and given final advises. As I was being given this advise another soul shot past me into the Birth channel I instantly followed it. There were 3 of us that came down at the same time. Yet I would be born as an Identical twin. Never knowing where the 3rd soul went. I was born into the lowest level of life at The Crossroads of America to a teenage mom Named Mary. I was her 7TH child and 4th son. I would have 3 more siblings after me. Total 7 boys and 3 girls. My dad was a carpenter named Virgil. within 24 hours of arrival, the world would shatter around me. My Identical Twin was born with TTTS (Twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome (TTTS), also known as feto-fetal transfusion syndrome (FFTS) and twin oligohydramnios-polyhydramnios sequence (TOPS) is a complication of disproportionate blood supply, resulting in high morbidity and mortality.) While he totally disappeared for 6 to 8 months, I moved forward. 1. I had my first Massive Trama when I was Held down teased and Cut to bleed. I had been circumcised. 2. While still a baby unable to roll over yet I was molested by a cousin helping my mom out. His Name was Buddy Huddleston. I was gaged. There were other babies on the bed when he did this to me. 3. After a few years of growth, I would be paired up with my twin where we ended up at an uncles house on dad side the family. Another male teen cousin (a register child rapist today) would do massages that included playing with him and US. This happened almost daily for several months Until my twin showed his dick to the girls that lived next store. 4. Going back to moms we would begin to go to 21 Grade schools some more than once. We moved over 100 times. On one move I was not in school as of yet, I left the yard for an adventure into the ally. I soon discovered to my amassment a pile of Mail unopened by a burning trash barrel. I picked the stack up and started to leave when a Teen grabbed me and said I was going to be held for the police. For stealing mail. He took me inside his house Into a room with 2 twin beds side by side. I was forced to do him. I had tasted cum for the first time before I was 5 years old. Some got on my shirt. I rushed home as fast as I could to tell my mom that the Police were after me. I hid under a bed. I had to tell my mom what had happened. She then called the police. I was under the bed when I heard a knock at the door. she opened it and It was a uniformed policeman. I almost passed out with fright. Somehow she saved me from being arrested. That’s 4.  2. Part 5. My dad married the horrifically frightful woman named Larry Blankenship. A German Jew. She would beat us with switches and The old fashion style raiser strap. Her backhand was one to watch out for because you never saw it coming. She would deliver this blow with her full force almost knocking you senseless. She would hold us down and pour Tirbinetine directly into our assholes for bedwetting that only started, and would happen after and only when we moved in with her. This went on for years. We Would be put on public display washing our pissy sheets in an old scrub tub in the backyard always to the onlook of other kids and parents. We had lived over in the Fletcher park area when I controlled several tornadoes that were descending on me across South street, Virginia Ave, and East street when we lived in the House of Turpentine.  It was April 11, 1965, Palm Sunday It would be the first Time I summoned the almighty to my presences. I was furious about the stepmom. 5. When we moved with her at 1401 Charles Street is where we lived when they were married after living together for 2-3 years with us because of a court agreement on my mom and dads divorce. On the first Saturday or Sunday, my twin and I were Playing kick the can down the street. Our Evil stepmom had warned us about not to leave our side of the street. We could not cross a street.  As thing would be we kicked the can down the street to where there was a Most beautiful sight: Sacred Heart Catholic Church. I had never seen such a sight. Suddenly out of Know where 2 GOD like men in Colorful rodes and A hats came somehow suddenly out of the church. They said ” I.Q. instead of making all this noise so early in the morning, maybe we would like to go Bowling. I had never bowled before. I had melted at there sight because of the Tornados Incident at our last house of turpentine. When I took off my shoes I had on wholely soaks. The priest said that we could not Bowl with our Tennis shoes on. Upon seeing my socks He came over to help me with bowling and Said that besides being a Catholic priest, that he was a Medical doctor. An asked if had been looked over lately. He took off all my clothes and played with my dick and balls. He turned me over, Next thing I knew he was behind me putting something into my asshole. My twin had been Classicly separated from me during this Rape. I did not see what happened to this little boy that had no possibilities from TTTC to survive now being Raped Like me, Ws again I the one to cause his pain?… 6. Paperboy years. After 7 or so trips to the children’s Home we ended up on the west side where I became a paperboy to escapes my stepmom and be independent. Then we would move once again after our last trip to the Guardians home where we turned 12. We moved across town to Cottage courts. I became a paperboy. Within a short time ( I was a star carrier require 5: am wake up for a 12-year-old). I was in the paper office to pay my bill very early that first week to pay my paper bill. That way I would know how much money I had for me. There was only a single desk in this office at the very back by a back door and maybe benches along the sides. I sat down with my new paper manager for the first time or so. Before he took my payment he opened up a lower draw revealing a drawer full of Rolled coins and said he needed to get something out of his car. Leaving the draw open. I sat alone with a drawer full of cash. I took a single roll of quarters. I never stole only to survive. Then it would only be food. Why I did this I do not Know. But that single roll of quarters was the largest fork in my young life’s road. He left by the front door only to Instantly exploded through the back door. Yelling out; I was going to Jail. The paper The Indianapolis Star would have me convicted. Again with the police thing. I did not want to go to jail. He said I could suck his dick or go to jail. He had a large cock 7″ plus with warts on the side of it. After a week I was back and he played the same game. This time I took 2 rolls of the quarters. This would establish my future fee for sex for 6 years. Things were different this time, Then we had an audience. That grew the next week. I would find out who one of these men were when I got my driver license 3 years later. He was on the school board and would soon become mayor. Look up whose car I would pass my drivers test in at 15 and 1/2. 8. Ohio Theather on Ohio street downtown. We could only afford the ticket price it was the only movie theatre open on Sunday afternoon. Our Dad took us there. So Lon goes to the restroom and comes back with a big drink and large popcorn. I said, how did you get that? He said to go to the restroom and a man will give you money to see your dick were 13ish. I did and came back with my stuff. That turned into a 2-year business along with being on the street around the circle and YMCA, Main library restroom and of course the bus station. I always had money in my pocket. No more rolls of quarters. I meet one of many Uncles like Dudley a school teacher at Tech High School a future John himself that lived on the woodruff Place west drive and Michigan street. 8. Next one I was played with one afternoon in the downstairs bathroom @ Garfield park @ about 12. Then the biggy. After the constant rapes @ the paper house, 9. I got my first real job at the new Hilton down Town. I was friends with the sue chief. I worked at the top at the Beef Barren, I met James Gardner there we shared the phone both together. I ask my girl Friend Vickie J. if she recognized his voice. On the day I went to get My first real earned paycheck, No more paperboy and change I hitched a ride home east on Washington street where I was picked up by a Young Very clean Blackman in a New car. After a block or two, he said he had some pot and needed to get rid of it. An asked if I would get rid of it for him. I was stunned I had smoked only once and tripped on LSD-25 2 times, so I said yes. He said it was in his room at the hotel on our way. It was behind the white castle on east Washington and Oriental street. He stopped and went into his room. You pulled your car right up to your door at this place, I went through his glove box while he went inside. A normal procedure for me. He came out and asked me to come to him at the door for a second. I was power lifted up by one hand on my throat.  I was pulled into his room. He did everything to me. I had to beg for lube before he forces his massive black cock into my ass. I total complied with his demands and lived. I instantly called the sheriff and told him what happened. Made a complete police report and gave him the weed. a couple days later the Blackman meets me at my bus stop and said he was going to have fun Carving up my family with his knife. I called the sheriff. He said Even though I was underage he Had the right to know his accuser. Now my family would die or I had to drop the charges I was making. I drop the charge and I ran away at 15 to 5 weeks in the summer of 69 to Hollywood. At 18 one of my johns that was helping me with my child porn complaints was murdered along with 2 others on North Lassle street. Three murders never solved. I ran again this time into The US Army for 2 years. By the time I went into the Army I would have sex with 4500 different men and some woman. From 25 or so priest and all kinds of clergy police officers IRS agent and FBI encounters Politician and scientist and others peoples Dads. In the Army, I hit pay dirt with the woman having over 1,000 girls in Korea. Averaging 2 1/2 per day. Totally out to about 7,000 different people. There are 2. I can not recall at this time.

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5.0·11 reviews

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What does a Wife a Catholic Priest and a Black-Man in common: RAPE

DO NOT READ THIS!  Two Years ago I went to the VA for help. This lead to a Confession about being Raped on The south side of Indianapolis by two Catholic Priests in the early 60’s @ Sacred Heart Catholic Church. I would later be married by a Catholic Priest That had Raped me several times as a Preteen and teen… I was only 8 @ Sacred Heart…  When I was 15. I was kidnapped violently and HARD Raped by an active duty Marine, special forces re-assigned to Fort Harrison after being charged + released on bond with Rape in another town. A Black-Man while I was hitchhiking down East Washington street Indpls. in 1969 gave me a ride, then kidnapped me., I had to do all the work to please him or be killed. So I did. I have lived With Horrible conditions that have haunted my entire life since. Two years ago my wife got a new job. I am a 64 in bad shape. Last year her office of all white woman hired a Black-Man. A very polished well-educated Man about the same size as the Other Black man. I have only met him once. At this meeting he said. I asked your wife if you would mind a Black-man riding with her at work (in the new company van I guessed and not alone in the van). She said no I was good. I felt totally miss lead by him. Because they had already ridden together to subway a mile away by then. Fast forward to 3 weeks ago. All the world is learning about sexual assaults on the TV/Internet. My wife says to our daughter THREE TIMES one evening why she was here visiting. Once You TRY Black you never go Back. I was so stunned I went into shock. Then she said it 2 more times. Me a BLACK-MAN RAPE survivor, her husband of 37 years to hear her tell MY daughter That. For some Unknown reason, she also Commented That Phillip was such a nice man several different time over this drive. The new man at work. Well, I caved, I have caved in My entire Lifetime. All the sudden I start to think about this strange conversation this Man had with me about him my wife riding together at work. So I asked my wife to clarify it. She admitted to Riding along with him in his car on 2 occasions. In His private car with him in full control of her whereabouts. But became flustered upset was concerned. She said I did know her or Phillip who was such a nice man. I was miss lead by him to what avail? I KNOW BLACK MEN very well. First, she Tells our daughter that a Black man is OK for Sex. But you will never go back. That is so sexist and degrading to me. How could she????? Because the Catholic Church refused to be responsible for MY and a Brothers Rape I have been in hell. Now, this, yet with my wife says I am her best friend. I have decided to Simple tell her That as her husband I do not approve of you riding alone in another man’s car. PERIOD. I am devastated and fell really really bad. Pray for me. don

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The building blocks of Humanity

The building blocks of Humanity is all about You. Changing the way you live. The building blocks for Humanity is Evident in the Dynamic levels of Existence Correlated and placed into the right Order by L. Ron Hubbard in the 50’s. Covered in Deep Understanding by His Divine Grace A.C.BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI PRABHUPADA ( The Holy Krishna Guy) and the Book Bhagavad Gita as it is. of Gita. Was the basic edge of this effort for mankind. This effort by L.Ron Hubbard, if only by itself would have been Universal and Usable by anyone anywhere in the world. This was not good enough for Hubbards Cup of tea, so he also Discovered That they -The 8 dynamics all were at the same time within and threw out each other. Working like a larger body of a Universal self. Where is the Soul in all this? I shall not spoil That for you. That’s was the genius of Hubbard. Ones Stating that his state of clear only meant that a Cleared Zulu was still a cleared Zulu. That an 8TH dynamic “I”, Being/Doing/and Having Understanding as a self In a Maze of Confusion of Knowable existence. Is indeed You. You are not a 1,2,3,4,5,6,7, or 8Th dynamic. You are all 8@ once. Get used to this idea creation.Then realize creation is happening in all direction @ the same time. Time is like any river it flows only where you notice it flowing at. You in the center of it all after all. And out you Go into it. Brave Bold Full of Self like no Other Before You has Gone. A, you of Future Dreams Family Home Piece Hope and Highest Understand Of What the Hell Is Going ON. Never cut down the only apple tree to get to it’s fruit on top.