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The Third definition of The Public Party of Indiana.

Seven changes for the Next leave of Brooder Life.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  1.Legalize Cannibals across the World.                                                                                              2. Legalize all forms of Sex work after a certain age.                                                                      3. Remove all Tax breaks for Churches across the boards.                                                            4. Tax the rich not the Poor.                                                                                                                  5.Convert prison system to Senior housing.                                                                                      6. Down grade science until religious beliefs are removed                                                               from there influence.                                                                                                                        7. Add to this list. I.E. legalize all forms of gambling.                                                                        Universal health plan for all citizenry. Re Do the Justice                                                               system so it is a Justice system. Universal education at all                                                           levels with pay.                                                                                                                                                                                              Public Party of Indiana                                                                                                                          Donnie Harold Harris                                                                                                                            Image%25252520%2525252845%25252529.jpg(6+6+6=18=9)                                                                                                                                            (08+01+1953=27=9)birth date             Underwear Model for 2 Catholic Priest in 1963 Indy.

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The Four Knowable Truths

1. The Big Bang Was no accident.  2.The discovery of the “conciousness” of Mankind  happened outside the Mind of Animals. Threw the discovery of Fire. Resulting into the first Fireman 120,000 to The first Zoroastrian 8200, Capable of Realizing it all as; Ahura Mazda. “The definition of God is, And everything else.”      3. The discovery of the female and all she entails as a Small version of a biological Black Hole. Discovered to be capable of regeneration without a Male through immaculate conception. Causing man to seek out and kill all the little 2-year-old boys after Mary Had a Little Boy. Would have been a concern if Jesus was a Girl? After this incident the men thinking the boy carried the genie for self insemination. . The future will be Female design. 4. Mankind discovers a way to live outside of Time Science Religion or Belief.  Living outside of Matter Energy Space or Time. Solves everything for everyone in all ways. There are no UFO’s from others Planets or other times except for the other planets or times we have been to. How is it to be done will be demonstrated 9-15-2117 crossroads of the world.    It Is “I.”

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Old man Why are you on my Road to Paradise?

  • Every action starts a change into a reaction.Thus there became Start Change Stop.The singular cause quite Frankly, Caused It all, so far anywho. I shall tell you what the old man knows. That there have been 7 major causes in existence.  The first appears to be the big bank. There is something before that causing the big bang. 2. The scattering of the everything else into everything beyond everything else That is known or unknown.  3. Causing compounds and reactions 4 causing biology and Life to Animalism as Animals Until The discovery of Consciousness Caused by the 95 level of Emotional strife taken by the First fireman causeConsciousnesss causing exstended life TO now. With 4 steps in the making yet to complete a New level of Level. Or something like that. With the Great & Grandest creator of the 7Th level The ability to create Life. It is through the woman that there becomes a Man. It Is “I.”
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On the Eve of DeConstruction

On the Eve of DeConstruction. Why not use a Guard Dog As a Guard Dog? That Is what he is Living For. The better question Is; What to Guard. And Why? Live Your Life from the Inside Out. Starting from yourself, family, local groups, national pride, World awareness kind of Thing. “No More Blind Sight”. I know who I am. I am  Weak frail, uncertain,ashamed, withdrawn, bored, Mostly  Insane. And I Am Wrong, Some of The Time. Yet With You, I Am Unstopable. It Is ” I “.